Maintenance Testing Equipment

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Maintenance Testing Equipment

Detector Testing Equipment

Testing apparatus for professionals


  • Solo Kits

    Solo Kits


    The industry’s most popular range of detector test equipment

  • Testifire Kits

    Testifire Kits


    The all-in-one test solution for heat, smoke and CO fire detectors

  • Smoke & Heat Heads

    Smoke & Heat Heads

    Smoke & Heat Heads

    Leading Detector Test Equipment

  • TruTest Smoke Detector Sensitivity Kit

    TruTest Smoke Detector Sensitivity Kit


    Complies with AS1851 requirements for smoke detector sensitivity testing

  • Smoke Cans & Capsules

    Smoke Cans, Capsules & Air Dusters


    Faster testing with no oily residue left on detectors

  • Smoke Bombs & Smoke Pens
  • Poles
  • Battery Charger & Batons
  • Removal Tool
  • VOX Speech Intelligibility Test Kit with Talk Box



    Easy to use and well supported by FlameStop

  • Accessories
  • Maintenance Tools
  • Universal Flame Detector Tester
  • Scorpion Remote Detector Tester

    Scorpion Remote Detector Tester


    Scorpion Remote Detector Tester

    FlameStop is proud to provide one of the newest innovative products to the New Zealand fire industry.

    Scorpion saves thousands of dollars in maintenance costs with less disruption to your work, click on any of the below applications to learn more about how Scorpion can start saving you time and money.

    These detectors have high immunity to false alarms. They are sensitive to flickering, low frequency (1 to 15Hz) infra-red (IR) radiation emitted by flames during combustion.

    They will continue to function under the most difficult of conditions, even if the lens is contaminated by a layer of oil, dust, water, vapour or ice. The detector has three infrared (IR) sensors which respond to different infra-red (IR) wavelengths in order to discriminate between flames and spurious sources of radiation. They are ideal for indoor or outdoor applications.

    Scorpion Installation Examples

    High Atria
    Scorpion Application Sheet High Atria
    Lift Shafts
    Scorpion Application Sheet Lift Shafts
    Scorpion Application Sheet Warehouses
    Void Spaces
    Scorpion Application Sheet Void Spaces
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Showing 1 - 24 of 41 items