In-Ceiling Detector Mount Brackets

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Product Overview

The Famco Fire Detector Holder allows the installation of a fire detector within the ceiling space at variable heights. The holder enables easy inspection of the fire detector in the ceiling space from below the ceiling. Three models are available to suit various ceiling space heights from 0.6m to 3.0m. The kit has 4 main parts, The Cover Plate, Pole Base, Ceiling Bracket and Detector Mounting Bracket. Various poles are available depending on the installation requirement. A universal detector base bracket allows the user to mount a base from most detector manufacturers. Either conventional or analogue detectors may be used with their respective detector bases. An available Remote Indicator provides visual alarm indication at the ceiling for a concealed detector.


  • Allows detector mounting height from 0.6m to 3 metres
  • Poles available separately
  • Universal detector mount bracket compatible with addressable or conventional detector bases
  • Optional Remote Indicator mounts to pole base fitting
  • Pole base fitting locks tightly into ceiling bracket
  • Spring clips allow cover plate to easily snap to pole base

Please note you need to select both a bracket and a pole from above to make up a complete kit. Please select the correct length pole as the different size poles are not able to be expanded on each other.