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Storage Sprinkler Quick Reference Guide

This guide is intended for general reference only. Prior to the design, layout, and/or installation of any sprinkler system, please refer to the technical documentation and always consult with the AHJ. FlameStop makes no representation or warranty as to whether following this guide will satisfy any rule or requirement. Please visit our downloads section for the most current technical data and product specifications. All products must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's current installation instructions. FlameStop reserves the right to change product specifications at any time without notice and without incurring obligation.

Standard Response

VK540 (p/n 13167) Temp Range 68-141°C
VK592 (p/n 14243A) Temp Range 71-96°C
GB - Glass Bulb
FL - Fusible Link
** - New XT1 Platform
- Also available in fusible link version
(NOTE) The above photos are for illustrative purposes only and might not exactly match the sprinkler indicated. Always refer to the technical documentation for product dimensions and physical characteristics.