VESDA Remote Displays

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Vesda Remote Displays

The VESDA display module monitors and reports the status of a detector, providing visual representation of smoke levels along with all alarm and fault conditions.

The Display Module can be mounted into a detector unit, a remote mounting box or a 19in sub rack. Several displays can be configured to display information from a single detector in multiple locations.

Display Module Features

  • Provides Immediate Status Reporting for a Single VESDA Zone
  • Allows Zone Control of Assigned VESDA Detector
  • High Intensity Alarm LEDs
  • Remote Relay Option
  • 20-Segment Vertical Bar Graph Display
  • Alarm Threshold Indicators
  • Built-In Sounder for Audible Warning
  • Comprehensive Fault Reporting
  • Multi-mode Numeric Display (defaults to smoke obscuration)
  • Recessed Mounting Option

Programmer Module

The menu driven VESDA Programmer allows the user to conveniently configure, commission and maintain the VESDA system, as well as program each individual detector.

Remote Box

The remote box offers the option to mount modules at site specific locations. The remote mounting option is normally exercised where there is a need to monitor and/or manage a stand alone detector, or one connected to VESDAnet, from a remote location. The remote box can house a single module with a termination card. The remote box comes in two sections. The mounting box to house the remote termination card or VESDAnet socket card and the front cover to mount the module with a processor card. The VESDAnet socket does not have a relay processor card.

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    The VESDAnet Socket is a 15 Pin Female Connector. It enables external devices to be connected to VESDAnet. The hand-held LCD Programmer and the HLI...

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