VESDA LCD Programmer & High Level Interfaces

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  • User friendly menu system
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Single point access to entire VESDAnet system
  • Alarm and fault simulation
  • Shows wiring order
  • Locates communications failures
  • Password security
  • Hand held or remote mounting
  • Automatic Logoff when inactive
  • Backlit LCD screen

Up to 14 assigned users or Administrators with an individual 4 digit Personal identification Number (PIN), and one Distributor, can log onto a VESDAnet system under one of three levels of access which are password protected:

  • User (USR) is only able to view parameters, check status, alarms and reset the system
  • Administrator (ADM) has access to most commands and programming parameters
  • Distributor (DST) is the topmost level and has unlimited access to all commands and parameters in the system
  • Lost PIN numbers can be overcome by obtaining a once only pass number from your Xtralis VESDA dealer



  • Direct access and monitoring of your entire VESDAnet system
  • Designed for small or large networks
  • VHX-0210 includes modem support for remote notification & interrogation
  • Seamless data transfer from your VESDAnet to your PC
  • Easily configured using Xtralis configuring and monitoring software packages
  • VESDA HLIs are recommended for monitoring only. They are not approved for use as a primary reporting device.
  • P-VHX-0200 & P-VHX-0210

The VESDA sliding Windows High Level interface (HLi) links your VESDAnet with PC software monitoring and configuring tools such as Xtralis VsM4 and Xtralis VsC. To configure and monitor devices on VESDAnet, your HLi must be connected to a VESDAnet socket card.

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    The VESDA LCD Programmer is menu driven, allowing the user to conveniently configure, commission and maintain a VESDA aspirating smoke detection...

  • P-VHX-0200


  • P-VHX-0210




  • P-VSP-511


  • P-VSP-9PIN


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